Shoshana’s Comments: How many times have you found yourself in search of a healthy relationship only to end up disappointed. In order to have a healthy relationship you need to know your partner. That means asking him some serious questions.

If you know some serious questions to ask your boyfriend you stand a better chance of having a healthy relationship. While there are some general serious questions to ask, most will be based on your own personal values. 

The serious questions listed in Jo’s article are just the starting point. Before you commit, make up your own serious questions, especially if your goal is to have a healthy relationship. 

How To Find Out About the Important Stuff – Serious Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

By Jo Baker

She asked serious questions, he gave the right answers

You may think about the important stuff of a relationship and the serious questions to ask your boyfriend even long before you have a boyfriend, but chances are he won’t have thought of it, and you do need to cover this off at some point in your relationship.

When you two first met and fell in love all you could think about was each other and your next date. The buzz of the first flush of love clouds your minds to the future and how you will grow your relationship and make it work and all you can think of is the now. However as time passes and your relationship settles down you and he will need to go over certain topics as you look toward the future – together.

Here are some of the questions that you both need to look at if you want to take your relationship to the next level:

What Do You Think About Children?

If your relationship is serious, you will inevitably think about the possibility of having children and if one of you is not keen on having children at all and the other is then you could have a major issue. You will need to explore how important having children is to you and make a decision on the future of the relationship if it is something that cannot be resolved. Knowing that you are on the same page with this one is fairly important to your future relationship together.

Is This Relationship Going To Be Long-term?

It is important to know what the others’ thoughts are on this; if one of you is looking for a casual friendship and the other is looking ultimately for a permanent relationship then you will set yourself up for heartache and disappointment. Find out what your boyfriend is looking for and if it is the same as what you want then you can be assured that you are both on the same page.

How Do You Feel About Monogamy?

If you are going with a guy who believes that it is okay to date multiple partners while you believe in dating one person at a time then you will soon find that you are in a relationship that is not what you thought it would be. Make sure that you are clear on what the expectations are on this subject so that both of you understands what the other expects and believes. This will save a lot of pain and hurt in the long run.

Where Do I Fit In With Your Priorities?

Find out from your boyfriend where you come in their list of priorities. While you may not be first just yet, by no means should you be last. This will tell you where you are with them and help you gauge how committed they are to you and the relationship. Understanding where you both fit in each others’ priority lists is important so that you know what to expect.

How Do You Feel About Me – Do You Love Me?

This may be a simple question and most probably the most obvious, and he might say of course, he loves you but for him to say it affirms it in his mind and assures and confirms you of his position regarding you. Sometimes the full expression of love is not fully realized until it is spoken out loud. It is as much for your boyfriend to realize that he loves you as for you.

Are You Willing To Work On Our Relationship With Me?

Guys do not always think about the effort required to build a successful relationship, and they do require work to make them successful. Talk to your boyfriend about relationships and find out if they are prepared to commit to working on the relationship daily to make it a good one. If they are not prepared to make an effort then your relationship may be set up for failure.

These are very serious questions to ask your boyfriend and perhaps best to broach one at a time over a period, rather than all in one session. You would overwhelm him if you did and it would be too much for him to cope with, unless he led the conversation that way. These serious questions are not meant to grill him but to help you and he understand where you both are about these topics, as they are important to your overall relationship well-being and future together.

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Do you have serious questions to ask your boyfriend so you can have a healthy relationship? What other serious questions do you think are important? Share your thoughts.

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